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also this is my favorite vine

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Princess Mononoke + Kodamas

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"They’ll be fine. They have wings.”

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Don’t make me get up 😴


*gets drivers license* 

old person: looks like im gonna have to stay off the roads!


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Australians get so confused during winter half of the population looks like they have 6 layers on and are ready to hibernate at any given moment the other half is wearing shorts and singlets saying “it’s not even that cold mate” every ten seconds

The best part is that these halves share the same space.

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It’s my birthday!
And I’m giving you a present. How nice.
I have a special hardcore set coming out on Monday and to celebrate I’m giving out 25 GodsGirls memberships so you can hang out with me and all the other babes on the best alt porn site in the world.

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Get on it ! She is a gem ♥

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